Print Emergency Card

wallet emergency card

What is Emergency card?

Emergency card - is a wallet-sized card that contains critical information about your health and other information that may be needed in the critical situations. Typically, Emergency card contains the following sections:

- Name, photo, age, contact info, blood type
- Serious conditions that you have or had in the past
- Serious medical procedures through that you passed
- Medications that you currently taking
- Allergies and other contraindications that you have
- Vaccinations that you made
- Information about your insurance policies and insurance company contacts
- Emergency contacts, that should be called if something happens with you

Every person can get into accidents and this emergency card may save your life. Of course, there are general rules of giving first aid, but having your emergency medical data, doctor will quickly understand what happened to you and how to start treatment. This is especially actual for people with allergies, chronic diseases (like diabetes) or specific conditions (like pregnancy), elderly people with memory problems.

In addition, emergency card is required for people who travel to other cities and countries, children and students that spend a lot of time away from their parents, motorcycle riders & participants of other risky activities.

Emergency card - is the most simple and very useful way to improve your chances to survive in critical situations. So if you haven't already done it, create your personal emergency card, put it in your wallet and carry it with you wherever you go!

How to create Emergency card?

You can manually draw the Emergency Card in Word or graphical editor and print it. As an example you can take one of the Emergency Card templates on our site. You can also download the Printable Emergency Card template for Word and input your data to it. However, this option is quite time consuming and requires good computer knowledge and design skills.

The second option - is to use one of the online services that offer to create printable Emergency medical card after you sumbit a the emergency card form with your data. However, in such services the emergency card design leaves much to be desired. And most importantly, they do not store your data, and if you started taking a new medicine, or changed the doctor, or changed contact information, made a new vaccination, etc - you have to enter all data again. Of course, if such services store your data - it would be even worse, because nobody wants his private health information to become available to anyone else.

The third option - is to install one of the mobile emergency apps on your smartphone. These applications store electronic Emergency card on your phone. This is a pretty attractive solution for tech-savvy people. However, ambulance doctors and rescuers - are not always tech-savvy people as well. And it's not very wise to make your life and health depended on the technical skills of physicians or the battery of your smartphone.

And finally, the fourth option - is the most appropriate - to use a desktop program for printing Emergency card. The software that can safely store your health-information on your computer. The best of these programs - is GooPatient. It's simple and free and provides additional useful features.

How to print Emergency card in GooPatient?

Medical ID card

In GooPatient you have a personal electronic medical record, which contains your primary health-related information. It is stored on your computer and can be protected with a password. Using this data, you can always print your Emergency card. You can also correct your data or enter new information at any time.

Emergency card

GooPatient provides beautiful and simple Emergency card template. It's two-side and is easy to cut and create the card. One of the sides is reversed upside down, and after printing you just need to cut along the border, fold the card in half and laminate it. It's recommended to print the emergency card on a color printer so that your photo was more clear and the band with the words EMERGENCY CARD was red. This is actually the standard for Emergency cards, because it attracts attention to the card at once. If you do not have a color printer, you can save the card to PDF, copy it to flash drive and go find the color printer.

In addition to the Emergency card in GooPatient, you can print your Health Profile using the same data. It's A4 sheet, which you can take with you to the doctor. You won't give your doctor the Emergency Card at a regular visit, aren't you? In addition, GooPatient allows to keep a Health Journal and record everything that happens with your health
day by day. Thus, you have every disease history on your computer, and can also print it and take to the doctor.

Finally, in GooPatient you can create Emergency Card not only for yourself but also for your whole family. After all, the life and health of your loved-ones is perhaps very important for you as well as your own.